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Ford Has One Heck of a Family Hauler in the 2017 Fusion

Might you be in the market for a midsize sedan? Well, if so, we here at Max Ford of Butler think you may wish to have a good, long look at ours, the 2017 Fusion.

Wondering why we feel as we do?

Then, click "play" on the clip below. Here now to provide you with the need-to-know information about the Fusion is Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

Talk about a terrific entry-level trim -- that's precisely what one will get with the Fusion S.

Standard features on this model include 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, LED taillamps, a rearview…

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Are You Prepared for a Roadside Emergency?



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Roadside emergencies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can happen on your road trip when you're halfway across the country and they can happen on your way back from the grocery store when you're a few minutes from home.

That's why you should always be prepared with a roadside emergency kit.

Whether you buy a kit pre-assembled or you make one, your kit should always be in your vehicle to help you handle roadside emergencies safely.

Making Your…

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America's Best-Selling Trucks Celebrate 100 Years of History

This fall, the 2018 Ford F-150 will bring the latest in capability and innovation to Butler. It's the newest update to the Ford F-Series, which has remained the best-selling truck in America for four consecutive decades, selling over 26 million pickups since 1977.

Staying on top hasn't always been easy, but Ford has a century of experience to build on.

In July 1917, the Model TT was the first Ford truck to roll off the factory line. It wasn't much to…

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Spacious Safety and Comfort in the 2017 Ford Explorer XLT

Finding the right vehicle for your needs is important and, if you have a family that's always on the go, there's no better option than an SUV that can fit all of your loved ones. For the Sanchez family in the video below, that vehicle is the 2017 Ford Explorer full-size crossover SUV, specifically the XLT trim. With a huge cargo area that expands up to 81.7 cubic feet, the convenience of the SYNC touchscreen infotainment system, and the safety of tech like a rearview camera, a lane-keeping system, and enhanced active park assist, you'll wonder…

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Take A Road Trip Worth Remembering

A road trip is something that many individuals, couples, and families often look forward to. Although road trips are not necessarily something that one may be able to go on all the time, it is necessary for them to know that going on one from time to time is something that will allow them to relax after many hard days of work. This is why it is highly recommended for whoever that may be planning on going on a road trip to ensure that they are properly prepared.

One of the most recommended things for individuals who go on road…
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Major Signs Your Car Battery Needs to be Serviced

The reason your car battery may be wearing out sooner than expected is because it is responsible for powering more devices than you even realize. Besides the lights, wipers, and stereo, the battery is powering the navigation system, charging stations, and the instrument panel. Keep an eye out for the following signs your battery needs to be serviced:
  1. Each morning, the car is having more trouble cranking over when you try starting it.
  2. When you start the car in the morning, the headlights appear to be very dim.
  3. You notice a very strange odor coming from the battery compartment.
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Even Good Habits Can Be Costly for Fuel Economy

As drivers, we typically get into a regular routine and set in our ways. To reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption you will need to change a few habits. Even good habits need to be broken sometimes, for accomplishing better results.

Because you want to do the responsible thing, more than likely, you fill your vehicle tank with gas to full capacity. Most people do this on payday, or on a regular schedule, such as just before the work week. That’s good! However, did you know that you’re carrying around extra-weight that is not serving you any purpose…
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No Side Without The Roadside

One thing to consider when driving is to have a roadside emergency kit. The reason is because you never know what will happen. At times driving is unpredictable. Therefore, each and every driver should be prepared. Keeping a roadside emergency kit is beneficial because it will bring you the help and assistance you need. For example. Let's say your car battery dies and the person driving next to you wants to help. Here's the thing. Neither of you have jumper cables that would have been in a roadside emergency kit. Here is another example. Let's say you…
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